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DIAGNOSIS: Possible cerebrovascular accident.

DESCRIPTION: The EEG was obtained using 21 electrodes placed in scalp-to-scalp and scalp-to-vertex montages. The background activity appears to consist of fairly organized somewhat pleomorphic low to occasional medium amplitude of 7-8 cycle per second activity and was seen mostly posteriorly bilaterally symmetrically. A large amount of movement artifacts and electromyographic effects were noted intermixed throughout the recording session. Transient periods of drowsiness occurred naturally producing irregular 5-7 cycle per second activity mostly over the anterior regions. Hyperventilation was not performed. No epileptiform activity or any definite lateralizing findings were seen.

IMPRESSION: Mildly abnormal study. The findings are suggestive of a generalized cerebral disorder. Due to the abundant amount of movement artifacts, any lateralizing findings, if any cannot be well appreciated. Clinical correlation is recommended.

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