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EGD With Photos & Biopsies.

1. Odynophagia.
2. Dysphagia.
3. Gastroesophageal reflux disease rule out stricture.

1. Antral gastritis.
2. Hiatal hernia.

PROCEDURE PERFORMED: EGD with photos and biopsies.

GROSS FINDINGS: This is a 75-year-old female who presents with difficulty swallowing, occasional choking, and odynophagia. She has a previous history of hiatal hernia. She was on Prevacid currently. At this time, an EGD was performed to rule out stricture. At the time of EGD, there was noted some antral gastritis and hiatal hernia. There are no strictures, tumors, masses, or varices present.

OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: The patient was taken to the Endoscopy Suite in the lateral decubitus position. She was given sedation by the Department Of Anesthesia. Once adequate sedation was reached, the Olympus gastroscope was inserted into oropharynx. With air insufflation entered through the proximal esophagus to the GE junction. The esophagus was without evidence of tumors, masses, ulcerations, esophagitis, strictures, or varices. There was a hiatal hernia present. The scope was passed through the hiatal hernia into the body of the stomach. In the distal antrum, there was some erythema with patchy erythematous changes with small superficial erosions. Multiple biopsies were obtained. The scope was passed through the pylorus into the duodenal bulb and duodenal suite, they appeared within normal limits. The scope was pulled back from the stomach, retroflexed upon itself, _____ fundus and GE junction. As stated, multiple biopsies were obtained.

The scope was then slowly withdrawn. The patient tolerated the procedure well and sent to recovery room in satisfactory condition.

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