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Electroencephalogram – 3

A 21-channel digital electroencephalogram is performed on the patient, predominantly in a drowsy and sleepy state. In brief periods of wakefulness, significant muscle artifact is noted bilaterally. With drowsiness, the recording slows, and with the sleep, vertex activity is noted. Recording is somewhat disorganized for age with intermixed theta and alpha activity. At times, higher voltage slowing is noted over the right compared to the left hemisphere head regions. Rare sharp wave activity is noted generally on the right over the C4 electrode, but rarely on the left over the T3 electrode. No spike-and-wave activity is noted.

IMPRESSION: Abnormal electroencephalogram revealing generalized poorly organized slowing, with more prominent slowing noted at the right compared to the left hemisphere head regions and rare sharp wave activity noted bilaterally, somewhat more prevalent on the right. Clinical correlation is suggested.

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