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Endotracheal Intubation – 1

PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Endotracheal intubation.

INDICATION FOR PROCEDURE: The patient was intubated secondary to respiratory distress and increased work of breathing and falling saturation on 15 liters nonrebreather. PCO2 was 29 and pO2 was 66 on the 15 liters.

NARRATIVE OF PROCEDURE: The patient was given a total of 5 mg of Versed, 20 mg of etomidate, and 10 mg of vecuronium. He was intubated in a single attempt. Cords were well visualized, and a #8 endotracheal tube was passed using a curved blade. Fiberoptically, a bronchoscope was passed for lavage and the tube was found to be in good position 3 cm above the main carina where it was kept there and the right lower lobe was lavaged with trap A lavage with 100 mL of normal sterile saline for cytology, AFB, and fungal smear and culture. A separate trap B was then lavaged for bacterial C&S and Gram stain and was sent for those purposes. The patient tolerated the procedure well.

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