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Exercise Stress Test – 4

INDICATION: Chest pain.

DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: After informed consent was obtained from the patient, the patient was brought to the cardiology procedure room where he was hooked up to continuous hemodynamic monitoring. The patient’s baseline heart rate was 85 beats per minute and blood pressure was 124/90. The patient was started on a Bruce protocol where he exercised for 11 minutes and 42 seconds achieving 12.8 METs. The patient’s maximum blood pressure during this stress part was 148/80 and the patient achieved heart rate of 152 with no EKG changes, no chest pain.

1. Normal hemodynamic response to exercise.
2. No EKG changes suggestive of ischemia.
3. No chest pain during the stress test.
4. Achieved optimum METs for the exercise done and this is a normal exercise treadmill stress test.

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