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Holter Monitor Report – 2


HOLTER MONITOR SUMMARY ANALYSIS: Analyzed for approximately 23 hours 57 minutes and artefact noted for approximately 23 seconds. Total beats of 108,489, heart rate minimum of approximately 54 beats per minutes at 7 a.m. and maximum of 106 beats per minute at approximately 4 p.m. Average heart rate is approximately 75 beats per minute, total of 31 to bradycardia, longest being 225 beats at approximately 7 in the morning, minimum rate of 43 beats per minute at approximately 01:40 a.m. Total ventricular events of 64, primarily premature ventricular contraction and supraventricular events total beats of 9 atrial premature contractions. No significant ST elevation noted and ST depression noted only in one channel for approximately three minutes for a maximum of 2.7 mm.

IMPRESSION OF THE FINDINGS: Predominant sinus rhythm with occasional premature ventricular contraction, occasional atrial premature contractions and Mobitz type 1 Wenckebach, several episodes, Mobitz type II, 3 to 2 AV conduction disease noted as well approximately two episodes and one episode of atrial bigeminy noted. No significant pauses noted.

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