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Knee Injection – 2

INDICATIONS FOR PROCEDURE: The patient was here for joint injection. She is a 14-year-old Hispanic female with history of pauciarticular arthritis in particular arthritis of her left knee, although she has complaints of arthralgias in multiple joints. What bother her the most is the joint swelling of her left knee that has been for several months. She has been taking Naprosyn on her last visit. She was feeling better but still has significant symptoms especially when she was active. After evaluation in the clinic, she decided to have a joint injection as it was discussed before. I discussed the side effects and the complications with the parents and the patient and the possibility of doing it in the clinic, but she decided that she did not want to do it in the clinic and she wanted to be sedated for this.

DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: So under aseptic technique and under general anesthesia, 20 mg of Aristospan were injected on the left knee. No fluid was obtained. Her swelling was about 1+. No complications. No bleeding was observed, and the patient tolerated the procedure without any complications or side effects. After that she went to the recovery room where is going to be discharged with her parents and see her back in the clinic for re-evaluation in a few weeks after the procedure. If the patient has any problems overnight, she is going to call us. If she had any fevers or strange swelling, she is to call us for advice. We will see her in the clinic as scheduled.

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