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Lysis of Pelvic Adhesions

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Multiple pelvic adhesions.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Multiple pelvic adhesions.

PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Lysis of pelvic adhesions.

ANESTHESIA: General with local.



HISTORY: The patient is a 32-year-old female who had an 8 cm left ovarian mass, which was evaluated by Dr. X. She had a ultrasound, which demonstrated the same. The mass was palpable on physical examination and was tender. She was scheduled for an elective pelvic laparotomy with left salpingooophorectomy. During the surgery, there were multiple pelvic adhesions between the left ovarian cyst and the sigmoid colon. These adhesions were taken down sharply with Metzenbaum scissors.

PROCEDURE: A pelvic laparotomy had been performed by Dr. X. Upon exploration of the abdomen, multiple pelvic adhesions were noted as previously stated. A 6 cm left ovarian cyst was noted with adhesions to the sigmoid colon and mesentery. These adhesions were taken down sharply with Metzenbaum scissors until the sigmoid colon was completely freed from the ovarian cyst. The ureter had been identified and isolated prior to the adhesiolysis. There was no evidence of bleeding. The remainder of the case was performed by Dr. X and this will be found in a separate operative report.

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