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Normal ROS Template – 2

GENERAL: Negative weakness, negative fatigue, native malaise, negative chills, negative fever, negative night sweats, negative allergies.
INTEGUMENTARY: Negative rash, negative jaundice.
HEMATOPOIETIC: Negative bleeding, negative lymph node enlargement, negative bruisability.
NEUROLOGIC: Negative headaches, negative syncope, negative seizures, negative weakness, negative tremor. No history of strokes, no history of other neurologic conditions.
EYES: Negative visual changes, negative diplopia, negative scotomata, negative impaired vision.
EARS: Negative tinnitus, negative vertigo, negative hearing impairment.
NOSE AND THROAT: Negative postnasal drip, negative sore throat.
CARDIOVASCULAR: Negative chest pain, negative dyspnea on exertion, negative palpations, negative edema. No history of heart attack, no history of arrhythmias, no history of hypertension.
RESPIRATORY: No history of shortness of breath, no history of asthma, no history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, no history of obstructive sleep apnea.
GASTROINTESTINAL: Negative dysphagia, negative nausea, negative vomiting, negative hematemesis, negative abdominal pain.
GENITOURINARY: Negative frequency, negative urgency, negative dysuria, negative incontinence. No history of STDs.
MUSCULOSKELETAL: Negative myalgia, negative joint pain, negative stiffness, negative weakness, negative back pain.
PSYCHIATRIC: See psychiatric evaluation.
ENDOCRINE: No history of diabetes mellitus, no history of thyroid problems, no history of endocrinologic abnormalities.

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