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Ommaya reservoir

TITLE OF OPERATION: Right frontal side-inlet Ommaya reservoir.

INDICATION FOR SURGERY: The patient is a 49-year-old gentleman with leukemia and meningeal involvement, who was undergoing intrathecal chemotherapy. Recommendation was for an Ommaya reservoir. Risks and benefits have been explained. They agreed to proceed.

PREOP DIAGNOSIS: Leukemic meningitis.

POSTOP DIAGNOSIS: Leukemic meningitis.

PROCEDURE DETAIL: The patient was brought to the operating room, underwent induction of laryngeal mask airway, positioned supine on a horseshoe headrest. The right frontal region was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. Next, a curvilinear incision was made just anterior to the coronal suture 7 cm from the middle pupillary line. Once this was completed, a burr hole was then created with a high-speed burr. The dura was then coagulated and opened. The Ommaya reservoir catheter was inserted up to 6.5 cm. There was good flow. This was connected to the side inlet, flat-bottom Ommaya and this was then placed in a subcutaneous pocket posterior to the incision. This was then cut and __________. It was then tapped percutaneously with 4 cubic centimeters and sent for routine studies. Wound was then irrigated copiously with __________ irrigation, closed using 3-0 Vicryl for the deep layers and 4-0 Caprosyn for the skin. The connection was made with a 3-0 silk suture and was a right-angle intermediate to hold the catheter in place.

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