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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction post mastectomy. A 51-year-old lady for mastectomy on the right side, who is interested in the possibility of breast reconstruction.


Needle-Localized Excisional Biopsy – Breast – 1

Needle-localized excisional biopsy of the left breast. Left breast mass with abnormal mammogram. The patient had a nonpalpable left breast mass, which was excised and sent to Radiology with confirmation that the mass is in the specimen.


Needle-Localized Excisional Biopsy – Breast

Needle-localized excisional biopsy, left breast. The patient is a 71-year-old black female who had a routine mammogram, which demonstrated suspicious microcalcifications in the left breast. She had no palpable mass on physical exam. She does have significant family history with two daughters having breast cancer.


Breast Excisional Biopsy

Right breast excisional biopsy with needle-localization. The patient is a 41-year-old female with abnormal mammogram with a strong family history of breast cancer requesting needle-localized breast biopsy for nonpalpable breast mass.


True Cut Needle Biopsy – Breast

True cut needle biopsy of the breast. This 65-year-old female on exam was noted to have dimpling and puckering of the skin associated with nipple discharge. On exam, she has a noticeable carcinoma of the left breast with dimpling, puckering, and erosion through the skin.


Breast Radiation Therapy Followup

Breast radiation therapy followup note. Left breast adenocarcinoma stage T3 N1b M0, stage IIIA.


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