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Video EEG

TIME SEEN: 0734 hours and 1034 hours.

TOTAL RECORDING TIME: 27 hours 4 minutes.

PATIENT HISTORY: This is a 43-year-old female with a history of events concerning for seizures. Video EEG monitoring is performed to capture events and/or identify etiology.

1. AWAKE: Normal.
2. SLEEP: No activation.

DESCRIPTION: Approximately 27 hours of continuous 21-channel digital video EEG monitoring was performed. The waking background is unchanged from that previously reported. Hyperventilation produced no changes in the resting record. Photic stimulation failed to elicit a well-developed photic driving response.

Approximately five-and-half hours of spontaneous intermittent sleep was obtained. Sleep spindles were present and symmetric.

The patient had no clinical events during the recording.

CLINICAL INTERPRETATION: This is normal video EEG monitoring for a patient of this age. No interictal epileptiform activity was identified. The patient had no clinical events during the recording. Clinical correlation is required.

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